Theme Workshops

The theme workshops at KEUKENvuur are a phenomenon in Utrecht and the surrounding area. We love new challenges and are eager to share that passion with you. Discover the flavors of various dishes, such as those with chocolate, beer, BBQ, insects, or whiskey. If you have specific dietary needs, consider a ‘cooking as medicine’ or ‘salt-free cooking’ workshop. Whatever theme you choose, it’s always a unique experience at KEUKENvuur.

If you come to cook with a minimum of 10 people at KEUKENvuur, we can offer cooking workshops starting at just €52,50, excluding VAT per person. This amount includes drinks, and of course, the ingredients you will be cooking with. Want to follow a theme cooking workshop with fewer than 10 people? No man overboard! Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities and let yourself be inspired by our experience and ideas.



From cooking with beer to cooking insects!

Theme Cooking Courses

Take a look at the themed workshops we’re organizing this month and reserve your spot right away. If you don’t see exactly what you have in mind, don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss your preferences. Let yourself be guided by the flavors our chef has curated, and immerse yourself in the world of unique themed cooking workshops. Whether you’re craving an evening filled with sweetness, a savory main course, or a dessert, our cooking studio is where you’ll prepare delicious dishes in a cozy atmosphere. You’ll learn to work with the finest ingredients, and after the workshops, you’ll take home the new recipes. But not before you’ve savored a delicious, self-prepared meal.


Any Questions or

curious about the possibilities?

Contact us using the form below or call us at phone number 030 7370051. You can also find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about our cooking workshops here.