Finally, your girlfriend-friend’s big date is in sight and you want to organize some more for the bachelor party. Then plan a bachelor party and go cooking in Utrecht

Eating together at a bachelor party in Utrecht

The dishes that you will cook together, and then of course eat well, depends on what your friend-friend would like.  But what would that be? Of course, you can’t ask what kind of cuisine they’d like otherwise it’s not a surprise anymore. Maybe it’s an idea to choose a workshop of the country where the wedding destination goes.

Organising a bachelor party in Utrecht

At cooking studio KEUKENVuur we have several cooking workshops from the honeymoon destination top 10. We list a few:

You can see: there is a lot to choose from! Our offer is even bigger than the 10 above. Are you looking for a vegetarian  cooking workshop,  BBQ  cooking workshop,  Asian cooking workshop,  Streetfood  cooking workshop or a nice  Italian  cooking workshop? With us it’s all possible and what could be more fun than giving your friend a bachelor party as a gift!

What does a bachelor party cost |kook workshop|

The prices of a bachelor party vary by company where you book. For example, you can already book a cheap bachelor party from € 50 per person (minimum ten participants). The cooking workshops from the honeymoon destinations are slightly more expensive:

  • Caribbean cooking workshop € 65,-
  • Mauritian cooking workshop € 70,-
  • Indonesian cooking workshop € 65,-
  • Thai cooking workshop € 65,-
  • Cuban cooking workshop € 65,-
  • Costa Rican cooking workshop € 70,-
  • South African cooking workshop € 65,-
  • Australian cooking workshop € 70,-
  • Vietnamese cooking workshop € 70,-
  • Mexican cooking workshop € 65,-

The prices of the workshops include all drinks and the workshops last 3 hours. Another nice idea for a bachelor party cooking workshop is a Tapas. During this workshop you will make 10 typical Spanish dishes that together form a complete meal. The workshop comes at € 52,50 per person so you can cook during a bachelor party in Utrecht.

Bachelorette ideas

What, where, when is one of the big questions for a bachelor party! But fortunately, there are several online tools that can help you with that. Most of you know Facebook, create an event and invite people to the bachelor party. Please note that you are not making project X! If you don’t want to use Facebook, you might want to be invited  for you. This site makes it easy to send out invitations online.  date stick is  a good tool to watch together when the bachelor party suits best. And through Jimdo  you can easily create a site where you can get rid of everything from photos to checklists.

Bachelor party with overnight stay

After the cooking workshop it is always nice to celebrate the bachelor party in Utrecht city. If you are looking for some nice places to stay we have some tips for you. Bunkhotel  is well worth it. Or  The Antony  a nice B&B  deklinkendemunt

10 or 20 people during a bachelor party in Utrecht

Whether you come with a group of 20 people to do a cooking workshop at cooking studio KEUKENvuur in Utrecht or with 10. Together with you we make it a busy or cozy quiet bachelor party. We can take into account the ingredients if someone in the bachelor party is pregnant, does not want to drink alcohol during the bachelor party or has any other dietary desire. It is also possible to arrange the bachelor party in English. Contact us  for the possibilities.

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