Making vegetarian BBQ dishes yourself doesn’t have to be difficult.There are plenty of alternatives to a vegetarian BBQ

It’s much tastier than the ready-made stuff you can find at the supermarket now. During the BBQ workshops we provide we regularly receive vegetarian guests who like vegetarian BBQ’s. In this blog you can find recipes and some tips to get started at home.

Meat substitutes for the BBQ

Until a few years ago, you had little choice but to buy the bbq. Think for example of tofu, Tempé, seitan or dishes with egg or legumes. If you enter a supermarket now, you have a wide choice of meat substitutes for the BBQ. With these ready-made meat substitutes you can experiment yourself. For example, add a nice spicy marinade to the chicken pieces of the vegetarian butcher and you will immediately get a completely different dish.

Vegetarian satay BBQ

You can make a vegetarian satay from many different ingredients. The best known recipe for a vegetarian satay is a vegetarian vegetable skewer. These vegetable skewers usually consist of peppers, zucchini, spring onion, mushrooms, onion and small tomatoes. If you want to make the skewer a little more exotic, you could string pieces of halloumi with it. If you would like to have some suggestions for a vegetarian satay, we have listed three recipes for you.

Paneer satay with Indian spice
Saté van Padron peppers, chestnut mushrooms and smoked paprika
Satay of goat cheese and walnut in vine leaves

Healthy BBQ recipes

Only roasted vegetables are a good alternative to a healthy BBQ. It’s also called a vegan mixed grill. That could consist of sweet potato, zucchini, paprika, pumpkin to name but a few varieties.  Eggplant  is also a tasty vegetable that you can prepare at the BBQ. The vegetables of a vegan mixed grill can be flavored after the BBQ’s with different types of glaze. Otherwise try this healthy BBQ recipe:


Bbq gado gado with smoked peanut sauce


200 grams snake bean
1 small pointed cabbage
1 big carrot
1/2 bowl alfalfa
2 eggs
Fried onions
smoked almonds crushed
Small baking tin for the egg


Make the peanut sauce as described in the recipe and add some smoked oil or smoked almond powder to taste at the last minute. Break the eggs above the baking tin. Clean the garter by taking off the top and bottom, but do not cut the garter in half. Cut the pointed cabbage into four pieces. With a peeler, remove the outside of the wooded muster. Grab the garter and place the beans neatly next to each other. Then tie a knot in it. Roast the garter together with the pointed cabbage, wooded and egg-cooked on the BBQ. When the vegetables and eggs are cooked, remove them from the BBQ and place them on a nice plate. Pour some of the peanut sauce over and garnish with alfalfa, seroendeng emping and the fried onions.

Mushrooms at the BBQ

With mushrooms on the BBQ you can always make tasty dishes. Whole mushroom is best treated before you start preparing them on the BBQ. Or you have to be patient. Which is a nice dish, and not hard to make, Shiitake in cedar wood with a lemon pearl barges salad and pistachepesto. With this dish you also put something special on the table. If you want to make something that is ready faster then you can also make mushrooms and papillote (kitchen term for preparation in a bag). You can make that bag out of silver foil and fill it with sliced shiitake, boiled potatoes in the skin, some olive oil and herbs such as smoked paprika. A tasty dish from the BBQ and not hard to make.

I hope you got a little inspiration for tasty vegetarian dishes at the BBQ!

Have fun with BBQs.

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