These 3 tips make healthy recipes easier than you think!

A slim body, radiant skin and, most importantly, good health. By eating a little healthier every now and then, you make your life a bit more fun in the long run. However, convenience serves man. With all complicated recipes, you can’t keep a healthy lifestyle going much less easily. Fortunately, healthy recipes are less difficult than you think! Healthier cooking is often not in big changes, but goes with small steps. Our tips will help you make your meals healthier. The tips sometimes seem to be open doors, but that’s exactly why they work so well! Because they don’t bother you extra, it’s a breeze to keep up your new diet.

No butter, but olive oil

Okay, we admit it, sometimes butter is really delicious. A nice piece of fish or a steak with a good lump of butter? Absolutely do it! However, for many dishes they are (at least) as delicious with olive oil as they are with butter. And that’s good, because olive oil is much healthier than butter and especially your blood vessels will thank you.

Get the best out of olive oil? Then let yourself be surprised by our olive oil workshop. During the workshop you will not only learn about the different types of olive oil, but of course you will also taste delicious dishes.

Less salt is gold

Salt is the oldest and most important tastemaker in the world. However, salt is also an attack on kidneys. Especially within the Western diet we eat way too much salt. Fortunately, your recipes don’t have to taste any less delicious when you leave out a little salt.

Of course you can experiment yourself how to make recipes better with more spices, but of course we can also help you on your way. During our workshop cooking without salt you will easily learn how to make dishes much healthier.

The green gold

Most people have it pounded in: eat 200 grams of vegetables a day. In theory nice, but in practice tricky. However, eating enough vegetables is easier than you think. Bringing a bag of carrots to the office is of course an option. A pack of frozen spinach, too. And how about strips of paprika in a bowl at the evening meal? All easy to prepare and no child having trouble with it.

Cooking as medicine

Curious how big the influence of healthy recipes really is? Discover it during our workshop cooking as a medicine! During this 3-hour workshop you will get to know healthy recipes that are good for your digestive system, bones, airways, blood vessels and organs in a fun way. In short: recipes that make you happy


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