These 7 tasty tapas dishes are easier than you think

Tapas have been very popular in the Netherlands in recent years. And rightly so: the small snacks are delicious as a snack, at a drink or at parties, but also the ideal dishes for a bring-your-own-food party. Plus, you can put together a whole evening meal when you combine a number of tapas recipes.

The great advantage of tapas is that they are easy and quick to prepare. In this article we give you 7 delicious tapas dishes that are guaranteed to make you mouth water!

1 Melon with Ham

Super easy and delicious: melon with Serrano ham. True connoisseurs of course use Jamón Ibérico, but also with Serrano ham from the supermarket you can make a delicious dish. The preparation is very simple: wrap a piece of Galiamelon or another species with a piece of ham. For the presentation you can of course vary a bit with satay prods, or by cutting the melon in a nice way.

2 Fried squid

Calamari Fritos, or fried squid rings. For the best squid, of course, you’ll stop by the fishmonger. The preparation of the squid is not difficult:after the rings have been cooked for a few minutes they are breaded or dipped in batter. After that, they only need a minute in the fryer. Serve it with aïoli and some fresh lemon for the best taste!

3 Croquettes

The Spanish counterpart of the Dutch croquette is often slightly smaller and is filled with other ingredients. However, the preparation works the same: first a ragout is made, which is then breaded and deep-fried. For the filling you can vary endlessly, from a simple ragout with ham to our delicious croquetas with Manchego cheese and sesame seeds.

4 Bravas potatoes

Like many tapas, this dish is very easy to make: cut a few potatoes into uneven pieces and cook them briefly. Then fry them until golden brown. The difference with normal Dutch fried potato wedges? The sauce. Patatas Bravas are traditionally served with a delicious, slightly spicy tomato sauce.

5 Prawns

The next classic on the list: shrimp fried in garlic,olive oil and sometimes a little chili pepper. Served with aïoli and a little melon. That’s all you need for this topper.

6 Bread with Tomato

Baguette, garlic, olive oil, salt, tomato and for the lover some Mediterranean herbs. That’s all you need for this dish from Catalonia. A piece of toasted or fried baguette is rubbed with the garlic and tomato, sprinkled with some salt and drizzled with some olive oil. Not difficult, but very tasty!

7 Champagne Tapas

Tapas Champinones literally means mushroom snacks. This tapas dish is very tasty and the filling is also very suitable for varying. With typical Spanish fillings with tomato, Serrano ham, Chorizo or garlic, you can make your stuffed mushrooms in an instant delicious tapas. Need inspiration? We have a nice recipe of Spanish stuffed mushrooms  for you here.

 Make your own best tapas?

Do you really want to learn how to make tapas? Do the Melón con Jamón work for you, but would you also like to put something else on the table? At our tapas cooking workshop we teach you like a real Spanish chef to prepare delicious tapas! Why These 7 tasty tapas dishes are simpler than you think

More recipes?

Of course, there are many more delicious recipes with Tapas. How about tapas with goat cheese, peppers, tasty meatballs or other types of meat, chicken or fish? A large selection of delicious recipes can be found in our Tapas recipe database.



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