Finding the right wedding catering can be a perfect balance, paired next to your beautiful ceremony and celebration of love. Every part of your wedding is meant to commemorate your passion and dedication to each other. Yet, as exciting and fulfilling as it can be to plan such an event, it can additionally be challenging.

A marital relationship is one of the most unique and vital relationships you’ll experience in life. And, how you choose to celebrate that relationship at the ceremony can create happy memories that will last forever.

Despite how much time you or your partner spend setting up for the big day, preparing a wedding celebration is a substantial financial investment and an investment of your energy and time. Most married couples-to-be spend ample time working with venues and caterers to guarantee that every detail is perfect for their special day.

Several important decisions must be made before the day of the event: the place, who you want to invite, the suit for the groom and the gown for the bride, groomsmen, bridesmaids, as well as obviously, the food!

What kind of food and also the appearance of the food establishes the tone for your wedding celebration. However, most importantly, you want to make sure that whatever you serve your guests tastes delicious.

Are you ready to begin the search for wedding catering? Do you have a specific idea of what type of food you want to serve? Or, are you unsure and hoping a professional chef can make recommendations?

No matter what your needs, we are here to help. At KEUKENvuur, we specialize in creating beautiful, creative, delicious food for any event or special occasion. Click here to get a free custom quote.

Top 5 things to consider: wedding catering 2021

1. Establish Your Budget For The Meal.

Before you begin looking into wedding celebration catering services, we advise that you pin down your budget plan.

Starting by looking up ‘neighborhood wedding celebration event caterers in my location’ online, try to get a good idea of average costs in your area. Then, look at your budget and find a number that you feel comfortable spending.

If you’re on a limited spending plan, make sure to communicate the information to the catering service for individualized quotes, goals, and abilities.

Remember, some caterers will bundle services for weddings. So it is worth asking what packages are available when you begin speaking with chefs.

2. Select Your Wedding Catering Meal Style.

When it involves wedding celebrations, there are several different meal options available. Whether you’re seeking to offer starters, cocktails, a sampling of other regional food selections, or an official sit-down supper, understanding the limitations of your budget will help you narrow down which style meal should be served.

Outside of your budget, the atmosphere of your wedding event place will certainly additionally play a significant role in how you choose to serve food to your guests.

Will a buffet work best? Or, are passed hors d’ oeuvres and stations better? No matter what you need, we can support your wedding catering. We are a custom, creative, chef-driven catering with 100% fresh ingredients. Click here for a free custom quote for your wedding!

3. Ask Your Wedding Planner for Recommendations.

If you are not sure where to begin picking a wedding event catering service, remember that you can always rely on advice from your wedding planner or venue.

Wedding planners have an extensive professional network that is developed over their time in the industry.

Most of the time, they have a listing of favored wedding catering firms that they partner with regularly. Nonetheless, suppose their suggestions do not fulfill your requirements.

4. Do Your Research Online and Read Reviews for different wedding catering.

If you’re still having a problem with limiting your options, turn to online research and reviews. Online testimonials are extremely helpful and provide a degree of honesty from previous clients.

For the most part, you can discover evaluations on the catering service’s website, social media channels like Facebook or Instagram, yelp, and google reviews.

5. Arrange a Tasting.

And last but never least, one of the most exciting steps that you should always do before committing to a wedding caterer is to arrange a tasting!

Suppose you have spent the time researching, planning, and budgeting for your wedding. And, you have spoken to a caterer, and you both seem aligned in the meal that you want to serve your guests. Then, it is only fitting that you request a tasting to make sure you will receive everything you’d like on your special day.

Additionally, a sampling will undoubtedly offer you the chance to contrast the top quality, design, and discussion of the food to guarantee it meets your assumptions. Finally, a sampling before completing the agreement offers you the possibility to go over just how your very own concepts can be integrated into the chef’s styles and flavors.


Planning your wedding can be exhausting and exciting at the same time! But, choosing the food for your wedding day should be easy.

At KEUKENvuur, we understand how complex it can be to plan for your big day. However, once you know your budget and number of guests, we can help you figure out the rest! Whether you want a buffet, passed appetizers with cocktails, a sushi and sashimi feast, or a multi-course covered dish dinner, we can do it all.

Located in the heart of Utrecht, we are available to support the downtown and surrounding areas. With our team of professional chefs, we can accommodate any of your dietary restrictions, requests, or specialty food needs. We always use 100% fresh ingredients, and we specialize in bringing global cuisine to your table in approachable ways.

To receive a free quote for your upcoming wedding, click here. Also, if you would like to see some of the global cuisines that we specialize in creating in the kitchen, click here.

We look forward to the opportunity to support your special occasion in Utrecht.


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