vegetarian food healthy and tasty

Whether you’re about animal welfare or not, vegetarian food is good for your body. For years, researchers have shown that a little less meat is much healthier on time, and especially in the Western diet, too much (red) meat is often eaten.

For many people, however, eating meat is ingrained in the culture and recipes without meat are difficult for some to imagine. However, with a few good recipes you quickly put a vegetarian meal on the table vegetarian food healthy and tasty!

Falafel, the classic

Nowadays you can buy ready-made falafel in any supermarket. Delicious on a pita bun, in a wrap, or at the couscous. Falafel tastes even better when you make it yourself. Fortunately, making Falafel yourself is not difficult, although you do need a food processor or hand blender.

Chili Sin Carne, spicy and healthy

Chile is a dish with many advantages. It’s easy, cheap, healthy and delicious! The great advantage of chili for someone who wants to eat vegetarian from time to time is that the beans don’t make you miss the texture of meat.

Chile comes from Mexican/Spanish cuisine and is rightly one of the most popular dishes in the world. You can make the vegetarian version by simply keeping your own recipe or trying our recipe. Chile Sin Carne

Curry, delicious oriental

With curry you can not only eat delicious vegetarian food, you can also vary endlessly with it. In addition, curries are also very suitable for a large number of meat substitutes. How about the following ingredients instead of meat:

  1. Sweet potato
  2. Beans
  3. Tofoe of Tempé

Whatever your preference, a curry can take you either way! Check out our recipe database with lots of delicious curry recipes.

Learn more about vegetarian cooking

With a few basic recipes you come a long way, but of course it’s nice to do more with vegetarian cooking! Learn to cook a vegetarian even better? Get more inspiration? Looking for an original idea for a company party, or a outing with friends or family?

Then join one of our cooking workshops! During the workshop we will teach you as much as possible about vegetarian food in 3 hours and you will get to work yourself to put delicious vegetarian food on the table.

We wish you a tasty and healthy meal!

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