Do you want to make your own sushi, or learn more about sushi rice to better appreciate the dishes in a sushi bar? As with risotto, you have the choice of different types of sushi rice, with which you naturally choose a specific quality. We distinguish different types of rice, of which about 3 are among the good quality, which you can recognize by the number of broken grains. There are different types of sushi rice to make delicious sushi.

Quality of sushi rice

At the moment you want to choose sushi rice it is wise to take a good look at the quality, something that you can do by judging the grains. The best sushi rice will generally show little to no broken grains. Do you notice that many of the grains are broken? Please note that the sushi rice is probably not of very good quality, so you better make a different choice.

Fresh sushi rice

Moreover, it is important to use fresh sushi rice, as that will benefit the taste considerably. In principle, ‘the fresher, the better’. The best sushi rice was harvested no longer than 3 months ago. We call this the shinmai, something you can look for when you want to eat delicious sushi and you want to be able to count on the best possible quality.

Better varieties of sushi rice

As with risotto, for example, there is a big difference in the quality of different types of sushi rice, so you can take that into account when you are going to eat sushi, or at the time you want to make it yourself. The better varieties of sushi rice are for example Akita Komachi, Koshihikari and Sasanishiki. With these types of sushi rice you know for sure that you are in a good place, you can count on delicious dishes with a fine taste, because there are different types of sushi rice to make sushi.

Cooking workshop

Enthusiastic about cooking, or want to get started culinary? Sign up for one of the cooking workshops and learn how to prepare the cream of the salmon, or how to make delicious sushi during a party, for example. During the cooking workshops you will get an explanation about preparation methods and foods, but above all we will get started with different ingredients and dishes.

Sign up directly for one of the cooking workshops on open registration,or give it to someone else who likes to be in the kitchen as agift.


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