Wecken in 5 convenient steps. Wecken and conservation go hand in hand, as wecken creates a vacuum, which allows you to ensure that you can store the food for a long time, up to a few years. We put 5 useful steps in a row for you, giving you the opportunity to store products in a weck bottle yourself.

1 Cleaning with soda

First of all, it is important for weckening and preservation to clean the weck bottles properly. These are glass jars, which you can disinfect or clean using soda. You make sure that no dirt is left behind, otherwise it can cause bacteria to form, for example.

2 Filling with food

Then you can wecken and preserve by filling the bottles with food. For example, you can store fruits or meat in it, but you can also use the weck bottles to store cooked vegetables. In this respect, you can use different sides to keep the food as good as possible.

3 Closing the bottles

Thirdly, it is important to close the glass jars or bottles with a glass lid. Make sure you place a rubber ring between the bottle and the lid, the weckring that matters. To keep the lid in place, you can secure it with a special metal bracket, which will push the lid on the ring and eventually the bottle or jar.

4 Create a vacuum

Then you can create a vacuum, to prevent oxygen from getting to the food and spoiling it. Place the pots in a kettle with almost boiling water. This allows air to escape from the bottle to create a vacuum. The bracket ensures that the lid remains on the bottle. Please note that it is not hot enough to kill all harmful organisms, so the food and meat is discouraged by the Nutrition Centre.

5 Remove braces

Finally, you can remove the brackets when the bottle has cooled down. Please note that the pot should not sizzle, as this is a sign that air is coming into the pot. Don’t the pot sizzle? Then you can store the pot and  thus ensure that you can keep the food for years to come.

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