We hear more and more of ‘primordial vegetables’, but what exactly are they? What primeval vegetables are there and how can you combine them with other ingredients to put a healthy dish on the table? An overview of several primeval vegetables, which come directly from the farmland. Thanks to their rich taste, colour and smell, they are increasingly on the menu of restaurants and you can also get started in cooking workshops.

What are primeval vegetables an overview | Known primeval vegetables

Of course, there are a number of well-known primeval vegetables to be named. For example, there are four:

  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Biet
  • Peterseliewortel
  • Parsnip


 Jerusalem artichoke

The strawberry is a well-known primordial vegetable, which in terms of name resembles the potato. An jerusalem artichoke is a tuber with a number of pointed protrusions. It’s a sweet and nutty whole that you can just eat raw. You can combine the jerusalem artichoke as a primordial vegetable with broccoli, fish, nuts, peas and leeks.


A primordial vegetable that we generally know a little better is the beetroot. Nevertheless, there is also a lot to discover, because we generally only know the beetroot. There are also white, purple and yellow beets. It is possible to process them raw in a salad. In addition, it is quite possible to cook or lay the beetroot. The taste is rich, so we see the beetroot more and more often as primordial vegetables.


The parsley root is a primordial vegetable that looks a bit like the parsnip. The taste also bears similarities to, for example, the celeriac. The vegetable has a large white root that has a strong taste. However, it is also possible to use the leaf, because that way you can easily opt for parsley.

What are primeval vegetables an overview | Parsnip

Finally, the parsnip is a well-known primordial vegetable that we see more and more often. It is a typical forgotten vegetable that was extremely popular in the past. Today, however, we make very little use of it. So the taste is somewhat similar to that of the parsley root. However, it is another vegetable with an ivory color and a tad sweet taste.

Of course, you can use the primordial vegetables to put a healthy dish on the table, which also allows you to show your creative side. The various primeval vegetables are increasingly available and are therefore a good alternative to the more well-known vegetables that we eat much more often.


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