Pulled pork is a wonderfully economical choice at the BBQ, which many people also enjoy. We have known it in the Netherlands for about 5 years now, it was the Americans who have been using it for a lot longer. It is a beautiful dish that is available both at the BBQ and within other cooking methods. In England there is even Pulled Pork soup available, in the Netherlands we find it at both butchers and cafeterias. what is pulled pork and how did it originate

Slow-cooked pork

Pulled pork stands for a slow-cooked piece of pork, it usually goes around the neck and/or shoulder of the pig. In general, we use attorney and the entire shoulder for this. Pulled prok is from America, where one speaks of ‘Boston Butt’. The name is a bit confusing for us Dutch, since the meat does not come from the back of the pig. ‘Butt’ in this case stands for the barrel (a butt) in which the meat was previously stored. Moreover, Boston does not stand for the geographical region, but for the cutting technique to prepare the meat.

Pulled apart meat

Pulled pork is a piece of pork that is marinated (for a day) and then cooked and cooled. After that, the meat is easily pulled apart, something where the name comes today. Pulled pork is nothing but pulled pork. The meat looks a bit like the well-known pulled pork in the Netherlands. In this case, however, it is pork with a rich and sweet taste, thanks to the marinade which has penetrated well deep into the meat due to the slow preparation.

Pulled pork and other names what is pulled pork and how did it originate

Pulled pork we have come to know in a number of different ways over the years. After a few years in the Netherlands, for example, we sometimes talk of ‘poelie poelie pork’, ‘pulled pig’ or just shawarma or gyros. Nevertheless, pulled pork is a specific type of meat, which, among other things, does well at the BBQ and is an advantageous choice. As we increasingly encounter pulled pork in both the supermarket and other places, more people know what it’s about and how to prepare it well within the meal or on the barbecue. Pulled pork with a Dutch touch try our gin BBQ sauce recipe


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