Ritual slaughter occurs in both Jews and Muslims. Usually this is done by slitting the throat with a knife. Yet the Jews and Muslims use different methods for this. Why do they slaughter in a ritualistic manner and what are the important conditions that apply here? What is ritual slaughter and why does this happen, we put it in a row.

Ritual slaughter by Jews and Muslims | what is ritual slaughter and why does this happen

Jews who ritually slaughter do so in order to eat kosher food. It is also important for them that they separate meat and dairy, they therefore have standard 2 kitchens. Jews can eat beef, sheep, goat and deer thanks to ritual slaughter. On the other hand, it is not possible for them to eat pig, horse or hare. When the Jews ritually slaughter, they do so according to the shechita. They use a razor-sharp straight knife. Only a Jewish butcher with special training is allowed to slaughter ritually, by cutting the artery of the animal in the neck.

Muslims who ritually slaughter do so according to the dhabiha. Thanks to the ritual slaughter, the meat is halal (pure) and they can eat the meat. Even Muslims don’t eat pig. For the ritual slaughter they must ensure a clean slaughter site and it is important that the butcher takes care of the welfare of the animal. In this respect, the ritual slaughter by Muslims is not about slaughter alone, but also about the conditions for the animal during breeding and transport. Moreover, the animal must not see the slaughter knife and it is important that the head is located towards Mecca during slaughter. During the ritual slaughter, the butcher expresses his respect for Allah with words of thanks.

Why ritual slaughter?

Both Jews and Muslims who are ritually slaughtered are convinced that an animal also experiences stress when transporting to an unknown place when anaesthetic. During ritual slaughter, the animals are laid on their side, preventing them from hurting or jumping away. In most cases, the slaughter goes right immediately and the animal has to lead minimally. After a few minutes, the animal lost consciousness, only to hang it upside down. Ritual slaughter fits within the precepts as the faith requires. Several studies have also shown that ritual slaughter causes hardly any pain or discomfort to an animal, although studies are also available to the contrary.



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