Streetfood stands for everything we prepare that is immediately ready to eat, drink or sell. Of course you can buy these dishes on the street, but you can also find it in the various stands on squares and along the road. The supply of street food has increased considerably in recent years and it is also increasingly possible to make healthy choices. In a cooking workshop yoy can learn to make street food yourself, so you can eat it at home or with others.

Finger food en fast food

Streetfood has similarities to, among other things, finger food and fast food. Finger food is very easy to take and ensures, for example, that you can try different dishes from other cultures, by using a small amount. Fast food, of course, we all know and stands for everything we can easily and quickly consume, although this often leads to a large number of calories and for example the use of a lot of fat. Street food, unlike fast food, is often a lot healthier, making it a better choice and yet eating as easily as the finger food.

Street food making is a party!

Today we are increasingly using street food and it has become almost a luxurious way of eating. Especially in large cities, the supply is generally overwhelming. Among other things in Rome you have the opportunity to try a lot of street food, since many people from the past do not have a kitchen in their home and therefore search the street for a suitable meal. Also at festivals nowadays we use a lot of street food, which of course goes a lot further than just the french fries or a hamburger from the deep fryer.

Making street food during a cooking workshop

Do you want to learn how to make street food yourself, for example to enjoy the delicious snacks at home that you can otherwise eat on the go, or to make sure that you can surprise friends with it during a pleasant evening or day? During the street food cooking workshop, make sure that you can learn a bit more about this and make sure that there is something quick on the table. This way you can enjoy street food and small dishes from other cultures and parts of the world together with friends or family.

Cooking workshop for Streetfood
Enthusiastic about cooking, or want to get started culinary? Sign up for one of the cooking workshops and learn how to prepare the cream of the salmon, or how to provide delicious street food during a party, for example. During the cooking workshops you will get an explanation about preparation methods and foods, but above all we will get started with different ingredients and dishes.

Sign up here directly for one of the cooking workshops on open registration, or give this as a gift to someone else who likes to be in the kitchen. If you want to get started with Streetfood yourself at home, here you can find a delicious recipe of fishcakes from  Burma.



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