Which dessert wine is best suited to your dessert? Are you looking for a good dessert wine, for example for cakes with nuts, a cake with fruit base or a nice chocolate mousse? It is especially important that the dessert wine is not too pronounced, because otherwise it will easily drown out the aromas of the dessert. But which dessert wine actually suits your dessert best?

The chocolate mousse in particular is a challenge, because chocolate has a very specific aroma that few wines can handle. Ice cream is also not very well suited, this can paralyze the taste buds. As a result, the wine does not get the appreciation it deserves.

Wines from all over the world

Of course, dessert wines from all over the world are available, both from France and from other parts of the world. In general, the wines are sweet in taste and the aroma is not too strong. You can think of a Sauternes-Barsac as a high quality honey-like wine, or a Banyuls that can be combined well with chocolate. Other choices for dessert wines from France are Muscat de Rivesaltes or Muscat de Beaumes de Venise.

Which dessert wine is best suited to your dessert?

From other parts of the world, for example, the Tokajer from Hungary, madeira from Portugal and the Vin Santo from Italy are well suited. Please note that you do not confuse the latter with Vino Santo, which is another wine.

Cooking workshop for dessert wines

Would you like to experience how the dessert wines fit nicely with the different desserts you have in front of you? During a cooking workshop with dessert wines we make sure that you can try different flavours and you can compare the aromas with each other. We provide a good combination of the wines and desserts and of course give handy handles. This will help you find a good dessert wine for dessert next time, during a special occasion or in a good restaurant.


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