Which edible flowers can you use. You have the choice of a large number of edible flowers, so you basically only have to walk into nature to encounter them. These include the Marigold, rose, lavender and East Indian cherry. These are generally flowers that we all know, in addition to the edible flowers that we encounter less often. Many of the flowers taste delicious and have their own aroma. Other flowers have a little less taste, but offer you the opportunity to dress a certain dish in a nice way.


 Non-toxic flowers

In principle, you can use all flowers from nature as edible flowers, provided they are not toxic. In addition, keep in mind that in most cases you can not eat the whole flower, but you should limit yourself to, for example, the leaves of it. Examples of flowers that you can eat completely are for example the daily lily, the East Indian cherry and the zucchini. Not sure what you can eat, but you are sure that the flower is not poisonous? Preferably eat only the leaves of the flower.

Use the flowers fresh

It is wise to prepare the edible flowers as much fresh as possible, as they will taste best. Flowers generally do not last very long, which means that you can’t keep them for too long. Do you want to keep the flowers a little longer, for example because you don’t want to make a dish with them for a while? Then it is wise to dry or sugar the flowers. In this way you ensure that you can keep the edible flowers good for a little longer, to use them later.

Edible or not edible?

If you have doubts whether the flowers are edible, it is best to look up information about them on the internet. Please note, however, that the information online is not always correct. Only use flowers and plants that you are completely sure are non-toxic, to avoid risks. Especially flowers from the supermarket or a florist should not be eaten, as these are almost always sprayed. Also limit the number of flowers from the wild, as they may be contaminated by exhaust fumes or feces from dogs and cats. Only use the edible flowers from your own vegetable garden so you know you can eat them safely. Do you want to work with flowers yourself? here’s a tasty recipe for imitation capers.

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