Why typical Dutch food has come back!

Many people in the Netherlands have eaten stew kale, stew or sauerkraut. All of them have timeless dishes that have been eaten in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. Over the years, most people in the Netherlands have become more and more varied eating. Dishes from other cultures were very popular and drove typical Dutch food out of the kitchen of many Dutch people.

This winter season, however, typical Dutch food is back in! This is caused by superfoods, such as kale, which are becoming more popular. The trend to use more and more ingredients with a local origin also plays a big role. In the coming days we will be able to fully enjoy all kinds of stews, snert and other winter dishes.

What does the new stew look like?

Just because we’re going to make more typical Dutch dishes, that doesn’t mean everything stays the same. Over the years, the Dutch have started experimenting more in the kitchen. The influence of foreign cultures has played a big role in this, as have popular cooking programmes.

What can we expect? Simple: Dutch dishes, but with a twist!

How about a pea soup from the steam oven or a  pea soup with a Costa Rican twist?

It’s not just Dutch dishes with a foreign touch that do well. Another trend we are seeing are old dishes that have come back from the road. “Forgotten vegetables” as salsify or dishes that are not prepared as much anymore, such as hot lightning, make their comebackthis year.

Why typical Dutch food is making a come back!

Finally, Dutch cuisine, like many other cuisines, is influenced by dietary requirements. More and more people have a certain dietary desire. Lactose-free, vegetarian, or “just healthy” are often reasons to customize a dish. This is also a trend that we see in Dutch cuisine. The vegetarian shelf, the allergy-free shelf and the health shelf in the Dutch supermarkets are therefore increasing.

What are you putting on the table this winter?

Do you already know which Dutch dishes you are putting on the table this season? Do you keep it simple and go for the normal stew of kale? Or do you opt for an exotic touch? Do you get vegetarian guests on the floor and do you want to prepare a typical Dutch dish meatless?

Whatever you want, the possibilities are endless. Dutch cuisine has only been enriched by other cultures. Of course, we eat stew and sauerkraut less often and we make a chili or a curry faster. However, the foreign cuisines are also a nice addition to our Dutch food.

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