With these 5 recipes you can make the perfect Easter dinner!

An Easter dinner, chocolate fondues, gourmets, looking for Easter eggs, visiting an amusement park or maybe going to church? Plenty of choices over Easter! In recent years, however, a nice trend has been visible: more and more people are opting for a delicious Easter dinner at Easter. Romantic together, close to the whole family or cozy with the whole family.

Either way, a dinner with good food falls or stands! That’s why we’ve picked out 5 easy recipes for you that will deliver the perfect Easter dinner for you!

Amuse – Madeleine with Romero & honey

We kick off with the perfect combination of sweet and salty: Madeleines with Romero cheese, rosemary and honey. The Romero cheese has a crust of rosemary that you can taste subtly. Combined with the sweetness of the honey and the airy of the Madeleines, this is a delicious amuse to start your Easter dinner with!

Recipe: Madeleines with Romero, Rosemary and Honey

Starter – Salad with Pieterman fillet, candied peppers and balsamic onions

A delicious salad with the relatively unknown Pieterman fillet that tastes like Tong, but is much cheaper. Combined with homemade candied peppers and delicious balsamic onions, this salad creates a true taste sensation.

Recipe: Salad with Pieterman fillet, candied peppers and balsamic onions

Appetizer – Dutch asparagus baked in hazelnut butter

With any luck they will be there, real Dutch asparagus. Good asparagus doesn’t need much, so we keep it simple. By baking them in homemade hazelnut butter, the asparagus will be even better.

Recipe: Dutch asparagus baked in hazelnut butter

Main course – Pasta Vongole with prosecco

A nice main course for your Easter dinner in 15 minutes? With the Pasta Vongole with prosecco  you’ll be ready in no time! The shellfish in this pasta, combined with the shallots, garlic and prosecco, give a lot of flavour to this Italian classic. As a filling you can choose mussels, cockles or other shellfish.

Dessert – White chocolate cream with strawberries, lime meringue and caramel ice cream

You’ll probably be pretty full after the previous 4 dishes. However, for this dessert you are guaranteed to have some space left! The lime meringue  combines perfectly with all the sweetness and also the strawberries are nice and fresh with the  cream  and caramel ice cream. A dessert that’s guaranteed to bring spring to your home!

Don’t feel like cooking yourself an Easter dinner?

Busy enough at Easter and not in the mood to cook? Time for a romantic dinner for two, but at home in your own dining room? Do you want to focus entirely on your guests or your family members who come to eat with you? Whatever your reason, a home cook can be the answer! The professional chefs of Keukenvuur like to make the perfect Easter dinner for you. Of course we can prepare the mentioned dishes, but we also make other delicious dishes. You can also come to us for a matching wine and fresh package.


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