Workshop after a nice day out ( teambuilding). Are you looking for a workshop by KEUKENvuur after a nice day out?

Stop by the farmer and collect delicious dishes, so you can go to Keukenvuur with the ingredients you took from the land yourself. We provide a nice cooking workshop where you can learn something immediately, so that you can cook with the freshest ingredients. During the day you will actively work with the farmer on the land, at the end of the day you will make sure that you can put a delicious meal on the table during the cooking workshop at Keukenvuur.

Day out at the farmer’s

Organise a day at the farmer’s for a fun day out, for example with the family, with friends or perhaps with your colleagues. Learn more about the different crops and try to come up with a nice meal together. Ask the farmer for tips on how to combine crops, or get in touch beforehand so that we can tell you which ingredients are suitable for cooking later. That way you can finish the day out at the farmer with a cooking workshop at Keukenvuur and always fall into place.

Workshop after a nice day out | teambuilding |

During the cooking workshop at Keukenvuur you will actively work with the various ingredients that you have collected from the farmer during the day. You will learn more about how to flavour the ingredients, how to combine them and how to put a delicious meal on the table. Of course you will finally enjoy the result of the cooking workshop together, also to look back on that fun day out at the farmer.


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